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DIVERSITY:  Why We Care?

By embedding the Diversity & Inclusion strategy into the global business strategy, we continue to leverage and maintain strong leadership support, a compelling business relevance and action plans that lead to attraction, engagement, retention and advancement for colleagues.

Through this, we create a sustainable strategy that points the way for Diversity & Inclusion to add value to the business, talent, operational strategies and objectives for any organization.

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SHRM Diversity News

EEOC, OFCCP Launch Initiative to Improve DE&I Efforts

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs have launched a joint program to...

UK: Disability Workforce Reporting Consultation Launched

A consultation has been launched into whether workforce reporting on disability should be introduced for U.K. employers with 250 or more employees.

How Does Your Company Support 'First-Generation Professionals'?

As employers strive to make their workplaces more inclusive, they shouldn't overlook first-generation professionals (FGPs). Also known as As employers strive to make...

The Next Level of Diversity for Companies in India

Diversity and inclusion have taken on greater prominence for companies in India in recent years, with more firms wanting to build an equitable workplace.

Experts Share DE&I, Training Forecasts for 2022

​Peering into the swirling mists of the new year, HR leaders share their predictions for organizational and employee development; diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I);...

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Work in 2021

A report that found most companies are 'going through the motions' of diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) efforts was the top SHRM Online DE&I article in 2021. Read...

Gender Discrimination in the Chinese Workplace

Allowing women to advance further in their careers will require shifts at many levels, and any initiatives must address discrimination in education, hiring processes and...

Find Ways to Help All Employees Celebrate Their Holidays

While Christmas carols, movies and commercials fill our screens and radios, not everyone celebrates the holiday or wants to be off work on Dec. 25. Here are examples of...

Recruiting Retirees: Opportunities, Barriers and Best Practices

We are in one of the tightest labor markets in memory, and all industries are feeling the pressure. Companies are getting increasingly desperate, but desperation can...

Fighting the Double-Whammy of Ageism, Sexism

"Gendered ageism" is a type of sexism, affecting women in their 40s and beyond. SHRM Online spoke with the author of Not Done Yet!: How Women Over 50 Regain Their...

How to Manage Intergenerational Conflict in the Workplace

With four generations in the workplace--Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z--there are bound to be conflicts. But are those disagreements based on...

House Approves Bill Protecting Older Job Applicants

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed the Protect Older Job Applicants Act of 2021, clarifying that external job applicants can bring disparate impact...

Teacher Who Wouldn’t Use Transgender Students’ Preferred Names Loses Claims

A public school system was not required to accommodate the religious beliefs of a teacher by permitting him to call students by only their last names when he wouldn’t...

Using Data to Build Inclusive Teams

By using a data-driven process, companies can identify gaps, target specific issues that need to be addressed and establish an informed path forward. This data forms the...

‘Action’ Is Operative Word for Workplace Allyship

Employees expect their organizations to do more than merely say they value diversity, equity and inclusion. They want action. Here are some do's and don'ts.

Gretchen Carlson: Protect Harassment Victims

Broadcast journalist Gretchen Carlson spoke at SHRM INCLUSION 2021 about the effect of nondisclosure agreements and forced arbitration to handle harassment claims.

Jury Awards $10 Million in Discrimination Lawsuit

​A jury's recent $10 million award to a white man in a discrimination lawsuit should have companies ensuring they are properly balancing their diversity, equity and...

White House Releases Plan to Promote Gender Equality

The Biden administration recently released a national strategy to foster gender equality in the U.S. and abroad. Priorities include preventing gender-based violence and...

How to Be Advocates and Enlighten Leaders on DE&I

HR professionals have power to make an even bigger difference in their companies' policies that promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) following the social...

Peer Equity and Inclusion Coaches Can Help When Identity-Based Trauma Occurs

News of mass shootings, reports of racially charged local violence, and harassment and microaggressions in the workplace fill the airwaves and social media. Peer equity...

Diversity Forum

Entries for 'Diversity Council'

Are you an employer of choice for diversity workforce? How do you value or embrace diversity in your workplace? What are diverse groups saying about y...

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