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DIVERSITY:  Why We Care?

By embedding the Diversity & Inclusion strategy into the global business strategy, we continue to leverage and maintain strong leadership support, a compelling business relevance and action plans that lead to attraction, engagement, retention and advancement for colleagues.

Through this, we create a sustainable strategy that points the way for Diversity & Inclusion to add value to the business, talent, operational strategies and objectives for any organization.

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When Must Employers Provide Leave Under the ADA?

Many employees are entitled to take time off under federal and state family and medical leave laws. Employers should remember, though, that workers who run out of leave—or who aren't covered by such laws—may be eligible for leave as a reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Black Workers Face Health Care and Retirement Savings Benefits Gaps

Black workers in the U.S. have less access to physical and mental health care coverage and lower retirement savings compared to white workers, various studies show. Employers can take actions to help reduce these gaps.Unequal benefits are, to some extent, related to income disparities between Black and white workers, since the latter are more likely to hold higher-paying, full-time positions that provide generous employee benefits.Black and Hispanic workers "are overrepresented within s

At-Home Edition: Yvonne Cowser Yancy

Yvonne Cowser Yancy, CHRO at Understood, talks about the ways the Americans with Disabilities Act has revolutionized the workplace.

Unions and Advocates Plan ‘Strike for Black Lives’

A coalition of unions, as well as the Movement for Black Lives, is organizing the “Strike for Black Lives” on July 20 to demand that business and government leaders confront systemic racism.

Employers in India Expand Inclusion to Cover LGBTQ Employees

​Many companies in India are increasing their recruiting of LGBTQ employees as they seek to create a more inclusive workplace, say HR professionals across the country."It makes eminent business sense for us to have a diverse workforce," said Mehernosh Mehta, CHRO of Mahindra Logistics, a transport and logistics provider. "Organizations today need to tap into every talent pool to augment the talent in the organization."     In June, Mahindra Logistics launched i

Viewpoint: How to Be a Better Ally to Your Black Colleagues

​SHRM has partnered with Harvard Business Review to bring you relevant articles on key HR topics and strategies. The late singer and songwriter Sam Cooke appropriately summed up the desires of many Black Americans in 1963 when he penned the song, "A Change is Gonna Come." Well, it's been a long time coming, but corporate America—and the world—has finally woken up to the idea that systemic racism still surrounds us.As I write this, we are in the midst of two interre

It's Time to Talk About Race

​My late friend Rich Epps was an attorney and dedicated civil rights advocate. During our friendship, he shared with me his experiences growing up in a poor, Black neighborhood of Wilmington, N.C. His first cousin was one of the Wilmington 10. Rich's experiences were far different from mine as a white, middle-class boy in middle America.From Rich, I learned that it's better to talk about these differences than to avoid the discussion. By sharing our stories and experiences, we build trust an

Employees Look to Employers to Rise Up Against Racism

​The killing of George Floyd in May has sparked social unrest around the country, and many employees are expecting organizations to speak up—and to speak out—against racism. Many large organizations have pledged to donate to nonprofits working to eradicate systemic racism, and some, like travel media company Afar, are taking additional steps."Staying silent right now would be a continued failure on our part," Afar editor-in-chief Julie Taylor told readers in a June 8 e-mai

Do Your Employees Know Why You Believe in Racial Equity?

​Editor's Note: SHRM has partnered with Harvard Business Review to bring you relevant articles on key HR topics and strategies. Structural racism has conditioned us to accept that including people of color in majority-white workplaces, especially Black people, equates to lowering the bar. Not only is this framing incorrect, it is dangerously divisive. Still, it remains pervasive. Too often in my work helping organizations strategize on diversity, inclusion and equity goals I

More Racial Diversity at Tech Companies Can Help Eliminate Biased Products

​In the wake of national and international protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd while in police custody, companies are revisiting their approach to diversity and inclusion (D&I) policies.Innovative technology companies have little to show for efforts they've made in previous years to raise the number and profile of black employees at their firms.Within the past six years, the percentage of black employees in Facebook's workforce has risen from 2 percent in 2014 to 3.8 percent toda

3 Checklists for Avoiding LGBTQ Discrimination in Your Benefits Programs

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled June 15 in Bostock v. Clayton County, Ga. that the prohibition against sex discrimination in the workplace under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act covers sexual orientation and gender identity. Title VII applies to employers with 15 or more employees, including part-time and temporary workers.Following the decision, benefits experts advise that employers review their benefits programs to ensure that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) em

Learn and Listen: Race and Equality in the Workplace

​Discussions of race and equality, sparked by the recent protests over police brutality against black men and women, are likely to arise in the workplace. What do you do, as a manager or human resources professional, if they occur on company time? Facilitate them, or quell them to avoid conflict?There's no one-size-fits-all way to handle these sensitive workplace conversations or related actions. The response will vary according to an organization's size, geographic

GPA Minimums May Be Spoiling Your Diversity Goals

​Having new graduates provide their grade point average, or GPA, has long been an application requirement for early-career job candidates. But doing so could be hurting diversity recruiting efforts, according to Liz Wessel, the CEO and co-founder of WayUp, a New York City-based job site and resource center for college students and recent graduates. Wessel spoke with SHRM Online about the practice and whether GPA should be considered at all in the recruiting process. SHRM Online:

Signs That You’re a Mansplainer at Work

​He interrupts colleagues to opine on topics on which he's no expert. He comes off as a know-it-all. It can sound condescending. It can seem patronizing, especially as he's more likely to interrupt, talk over or explain to a woman who hasn't asked for that information.Maybe he's a "mansplainer"—a noun that crept into the modern lexicon about a decade ago, and into official dictionaries two years back.Be on the lookout for the mansplainer, because he—or she—can hurt workplace morale, sa

What Does the High Court’s LGBTQ Ruling Mean for Employee Benefits?

The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that employers can’t terminate workers based on their lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (LGBTQ) status, and employers should understand that the ruling provides employment protections beyond being fired.

HR Storytellers At-Home Edition: Alexander C. Pullen

Alexander C. Pullen, HR manager at GWU and a member of SHRM's Young Professional Advisory Council, reflects on the coping mechanisms he has discovered amid recent racial tensions, including practicing intentional self-care, finding individual ways to impact society for good, and advancing fairer and more equitable workplaces for all.

Addressing Racism Starts with Having Hard, Respectful Conversations

A panel of experts examined race relations in the workplace and fostering more inclusive workplaces during a webinar June 18 co-sponsored by the Society for Human Resource Management and the Association of Corporate Counsel.

Juneteenth Sees an Upsurge of Interest in 2020

Today is Juneteenth, the observation of the historic day of June 19, 1865, when Gen. Gordon Granger led his Union soldiers into Galveston, Texas, and announced the Civil War had ended and the slaves were freed.

LGBTQ Inclusion in the Workplace: Updating Policies and Training

Many employers already have policies and practices in place that are inclusive of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) workers, and now is a good time to review those programs in light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that LGBTQ workers are protected by federal employment anti-discrimination law.

An Employer’s Guide to Demonstrating Equity and Inclusion: Six Ways to Put Words into Action

To understand whether organizations and brands are truly changing, we must examine their internal efforts. Here are six suggested actions any organization can take to combat racism with purpose and intentionality.

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