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If you are having a problem with the site, find a broken link, or can't find the information you are looking for - contact us by filling in this form.  You can email us the URL of the page you're having trouble with, a screenshot of the error and contact info for you at webmaster @ gvcshrm.org

Q: I can't login and I have a SHRM Membership.
A: Are you sure that you are:

  • NOT adding the leading zeros to your member ID in the username field.
  • Using the correct Member ID for your username.
  • Capitalizing your last name exactly as it is on the SHRM site and using that as your password.
  • Your email, name, and SHRM number are all as they are on the SHRM site (login to the SHRM site to confirm).
  • You have affiliated with our chapter. Many SHRM members have not affiliated. Please see this form for affiliation.

Q: I would like to post a job on your job postings site.
A: Please see the box to the right of this box for instructions for sending job postings to our site.

Q: I registered for the wrong event, or I registered for the correct event but at the wrong rate - now what!?
A: If you register for the wrong event and have not paid you login with your username and password and go to the calendar page, and click the MY EVENTS icon near the top of the page (Page with a person's face in front of it). Click the event and remove it from your list to unregister. If you have paid you may need to contact our treasurer for a refund of your credit card charges.

Q: I registered for an event as a GVCSHRM member but I forgot to pulldown the rate and select the member rate. I have not yet paid for the registration, but am registered at the wrong rate.
A: You must select the member rate from the pulldown on the site when registering. At this point, since you haven’t paid online, you should go to the website, login, and then go to the calendar page. On the calendar page select “My Events” next to select your view:

Cancel your registration and run through the wizard again – this time being careful to select the correct rate when registering.

Q: I filled in your contact or webmaster form below and you didn't get back to me - how come?
A: Did you put in a valid email that is not blocking mail? We may have tried to contact you but your mail bounced. Try including more contact info (email, phone number, etc) so that we can figure out what's going on.

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Have a Job to Post?
Employers: Posting HR related jobs on this board is provided as a privilege.  As such we require that you submit the information to our Job Postings liaison Kelly Myers, jobs@gvcshrm.org 

Note that you MUST provide a return address email for client responses to go to. This will allow applicants to contact you or the company you represent directly about the job.  Leaving this blank is NOT an option.  Please review existing job listings for guidelines.  A minimum job posting would have:

Job Title:
Location: Rochester
State: Rochester, NY
Position Description:
Required Qualifications:
Desired Qualifications:   
Contact email address:   
Your address and
daytime phone:
Your email address: