GVCSHRM Membership Instructions

To be a member of the Genesee Valley Chapter of the Society for Human Resources Management you must be a paid, active member of SHRM national affiliated with our chapter.  If you're not already a member of SHRM national, or your membership has lapsed please click the button below to become a new member of SHRM:




If you are ALREADY a member of SHRM you must be affiliated. Fill in the form below to affiliate with the Genesee Valley Chapter. You may only be affiliated with ONE chapter at a time with SHRM national.   Please note - affiliation is NOT immediate.  Your form will be submitted to SHRM for processing. It may take up to a week to get your SHRM affiliation recorded, and then up to 2 weeks after that for your affiliation to show up in our system.  Our records are updated once per month with the SHRM information for affiliated members.  If you are trying to register for a class do NOT submit your form multiple times (that won't speed things up), but do contact our membership crew at Membership@gvcshrm.org for assistance.  If you are a paid affiliated member you can login with your member ID and last name. If you cannot login with those credentials your affiliation has not yet been processed.

GVCSHRM Application Form
  • Registrant Information

  • SHRM Information

  • While a SHRM member may belong to more than one affiliated chapter, only one chapter may be designated as that member's primary chapter. A member is free to change that designation as he/she wishes.

    Only fill in the following fields if you want to change your primary chapter designation from another chapter to GVCSHRM.

  • By clicking "Submit" below, I understand that if the SHRM chapter I have designated above requests a chapter roster from SHRM, SHRM may share my information listed above with that SHRM chapter.