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OS-Cubed, Inc

PERSEVERANCE THROUGH CHANGE: Self-Care for the world of HR Professionals

Event Start Date: 9/13/2022 8:00 AM

Event End Date: 9/13/2022 9:30 AM

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PERSEVERANCE THROUGH CHANGE: Self-Care for the World of HR Professionals

Wednesday, September 13th 

8:00am - 9:30am

Presentation given by: Jaime Richey - OFF-THE-CUFF


IN-PERSON Location:

SPOT Cowork

C/O OS-Cubed, Inc.

21 Goodway Dr

Rochester, NY 14623

*Directions: When arriving at SPOT Cowork, stop at the reception desk to check-in. The presentation will be in the lower level conference room. There is an elevator on the main level for those with accessibility needs.*


This program has been pre-approved for 1.5 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) by the Society for Human Resource Management and 1.5 HR General credits by the HR Certification Institute


Understanding the impact of rapid change in the world, while only having the ability to facilitate gradual system changes is the plight of Human Resource professionals, including those who work in the field of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. This keynote will address HR and DEI professionals to unlock the potential they have inside and create an “out” to Burnout. As a result, they will learn how to turn their passion into their purpose in order to persevere through times of change


By the end of this session, participants will:

Identify stressors in a post pandemic world that lead professionals to burnout. 

Identify a model designed to help HR and DEI professionals deal with stress in their personal and professional lives.

Identify strategies to enhance their respective performances.


About Jaime Richey:

Jaime Richey is the founder of OFF-THE-CUFF (OTC), an audience driven, interactive

speaking and Mastermind organization where ideas are unlocked and the impossible

becomes “I’m Possible!” Discovering and eliciting ideas and potential in others that they

themselves did not recognize they had is why she is known as a powerful visionary


As an advisor for multiple not-for-profit boards, Jaime is paving the way to create a

community of collaboration. From achieving national record-breaking statistics as both

a Diamond and President’s Club level sales executive, to being honored personally with

a City Resolution for her service and leadership throughout her community, Jaime

Richey is living her vision to produce a ripple effect of “I’m Possible” in her community

that creates national impact and beyond.

She is the definition of resilience. OTC was born after she made the ultimate sacrifice,

dissolving a very successful global business she had built to focus on her personal

well-being after enduring an act of violence. She is the mother of three boys, two who

have overcome medical challenges which strengthened her resilience to whatever

comes her way. Her focus is teaching the K3 method: the Power of Knowing Three

Things: What, Why and How. Oh and did we mention she became a competitive figure

skater as an adult?!

Event Location

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