Win-Win Initiative

 Our Community Outreach/Workforce Readiness Team is proud to implement the “Win-Win Initiative” as a key community support initiative.  The “Win-Win Initiative” has three primary objectives:


1)      To assist members in filling job openings by providing qualified candidates who happen to have some form of disability, and

2)      To identify local not-for-profit organizations that sell products and/or services that members and their companies may wish to purchase.

3)     To assist members in locating excellent training opportunities on numerous topics for their employees.


Each of these objectives have multiple “winners”…

HR people appreciate the need to fill all job openings as quickly as possible and with qualified people.  This initiative not only assists with this by providing a simple, no-cost process to identify additional candidates, but allows the organization to include diverse candidates who may be overlooked for employment opportunities.


Ø  GVC SHRM is partnering with ACCES-VR* to achieve this objective.  Members are asked to add one step to their recruiting process…one step that may change a life:  contact Jennifer Geiger at ACCES-VR (Jennifer.Geiger@nysed.gov or 585-238-2949) with the position description and requirements.  She has access to thousands of candidates and can identify if any would be qualified for consideration.


Organizations purchase a wide array of products and services.  This initiative identifies many products and services that are sold by local not-for-profit organizations.  By purchasing from not-for-profit organizations, companies can support the missions of these organizations while acquiring needed products and services at competitive prices.


Ø  GVC SHRM has identified a number of products and services that are sold by local not-for-profit organizations and has captured this information on the list below.  This listing will be updated as new information is uncovered.  We encourage members to review this listing and share it with others with purchasing responsibilities, so that these not-for-profit vendors can be considered.


Ø GVC SHRM recognizes that retention of good employees can be difficult and one way to address this issue is through training.  But how do you locate training to consider? We are sharing the attached listing of local resources that provide training on numerous topics for various industries as a resource for our members. 


Thank you for taking the time to better understand the “Win-Win Initiative”.  If you have suggestions to enhance this initiative, please send an email to:  Jennifer.Geiger@nysed.gov (for the employment and training side) or SMarche@LeadershipLogicNY.com (for the products and services side).  We hope that you will utilize this information and by doing so, we know that it will positively impact someone else’s life.


The Community Outreach/Workforce Readiness Team:

                  Hunter Paige, Jennifer Geiger, & Sarah Marche,                                


*ACCES-VR = Adult Career & Continuing Education Services – Vocational Rehabilitation.  ACCES-VR provides an extensive support system for work force preparation and high quality vocational rehabilitation at no cost to businesses.  ACCES-VR is your connection to One-Stop Centers, NYS Department of Labor, the business community, labor organizations, not-for-profits and school across Greater Rochester. They place over 13,000 people a year in jobs throughout New York.


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