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Useful models for Organizational Strategy


This program begins with overview of definition and evolution of organizational design (OD) for building sustainable management structures and managing through inexorable change.  The workshop encompasses objectives of OD, implications of each design concept for corporate culture, integration of corporate functions and keys to successful change management as the organization transforms and evolves. There is emphasis made for striking effective balance of control vs. empowerment and maintaining balance over time and corporate evolution during M&A, torrid growth, disruptive innovation and economic downturns.  OD models are explored and dissected, among them – traditional manufacturing, technology based, professional service firms, acute care and not for profits.  Tool kits are offered for the participants emphasizing need for organizational readiness (corporate agility) and relevance over time.

By the end of this session, participants will:
• Understand origin of OD as concept for design of organizational model
• Learn how OD affects and drives corporate culture
• Understand dynamic, evolving nature of OD, both internally and vis a vis environment
• Be able to take away tools to analyze and understand their company’s OD and relevance

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