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If your last name is 3 letters long or less, please call 585-756-2444 to get a password set for you otherwise your username is your SHRM member ID and your password is your last name.
Roster only available to SHRM members

The roster is only available to registered SHRM members who have affiliated with the chapter.  If you are registered and confirmed you login with your SHRM ID and last name as password.  If you are not a SHRM member, you can become a SHRM member by going to www.shrm.org and registering there.  Once you have registered, return to the website and go to the member affiliation page.  It takes 2-4 weeks from the date you affiliate before your registration is confirmed with SHRM. Once your registration is confirmed you will be able to browse the roster (but you may not download it - and it is not to be used for marketing purposes).